About Mr: Reda Shoaib :

Reda Shoaib was born in Damietta in 1977 and graduated from the Faculty of Commerce.. In 2000 he worked as a chartered accountant for the Pinocchio company and took over some important business, Until the company reached the global level .. And in 2014 he reached the position of head of accounts and director of external contracts.. And in 2016 he establishing a customer guidance system to furnish his project himself and worked with all government authorities including the China News Agency.. Then he established his own factory and after a while he established the second branch in the Furniture City and worked as supplying all universities in Egypt with the highest quality and lowest cost and then went to join E-Marketing as an important link between furniture in Damietta and Egypt to the world.


About Dr: Rasha Mosbah :

Bachelor of Commerce 2003 Accounting Division.

Marketing Diploma, Faculty of Commerce, Damietta University, 2019.

Master of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, Damietta University 2021.

She holds a leadership development course from the Arab Foundation.

Teaching course at Mavericks International Schools.

Manhattan Diploma in Mental Health.

Certified Mental Health Coach, University of Manhattan.

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